I have battled breast cancer, and I believe therapy is crucial in that fight. I help my clients to process information about their diagnosis, to consider treatment options and to cope with the overwhelming and devastating emotions that come with
the diagnosis.

The clients I work with have cancers ranging from Stage One to Stage Four.
One of the greatest fears at this time is the fear of hoping - especially when the diagnosis is complex.

Together, we face the issues of mortality, loss, and grief. We also confront the difficult decisions to be made about treatment: chemotherapy, radiation, lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstruction.

The partners of cancer patients also need support with their struggles, their feelings of helplessness. They are experiencing enormous emotional challenges, but are reluctant to talk about them, believing that their pain pales in comparison to that of the cancer patient.

In these cases, I work with the client to lift some of that burden, to give them a safe space to express their own special grief.

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