When anxiety hits, it feels like we’re being smashed with a tidal wave of emotions that feel too intense to cope with.

All we want to do is escape them – in any way we can.

While medication can help, it doesn’t get to the underlying reasons for the panic, fear, or paralysis. Nor does it put to rest the obsessive thoughts that keep us from sleeping at night.

Reducing anxiety through psychotherapy is about identifying and defusing charged emotions and developing an ability to cope with stressful situations as they arise.


Depression takes many forms. It can show up as low grade sadness, fatigue and dissatisfaction with your life or it can hit you between the eyes and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, unable to function and feeling teary-eyed and overly emotional.

Sometimes it’s due to a chemical imbalance but other times it’s an accumulation of small things that have slowly chipped away and your feelings of well-being.

Depression can also show up when angry emotions are turned inwards – so rather than being in touch with the anger you are feeling – it shows up as feelings of depression and a lack of self-esteem.

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