I approach the treatment process in therapy from a psychoanalytic and a psychodynamic orientation.

In psychoanalytic therapy, we look at how past and current relationships affect both your feelings and the choices you make today, in the here-and now.

Together, we identify the compromises you have made and the walls you have built to protect yourself from painful thoughts or emotions.

Through psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy, we will work together to help you recognize your feelings by developing a wise mind – so that your emotions don’t run your life.

In this approach, you will develop tools to:

Overcome negative self-judgment: (“It’s all my fault!” or  “I don’t deserve this job!”) by developing tools to accept rather than judge yourself.

Cope better with distressing events: So that when you’re upset, you don’t become overwhelmed with anger, fear, and feelings of helplessness.

Express your feelings without acting out: By asking for what you need, setting limits and negotiating problems without hurting yourself, damaging relationships or disrespecting others.

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